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Where lost and abandoned
animals can find food and shelter
from the cruelties of life.
We Need Volunteers!
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We need your help. Volunteers are needed to assist
us with our various programs. We specifically need
volunteers to work in the AHA Thrift Store, on the
Farm, and with special programs. Volunteers are
needed for the program
New Leash on Life
Pups on PAWrole

Send us your name and address by mail or e-mail,
indicate your interests or special skills, and if you
have had any experience volunteering. In addition,
provide us with your phone number and the best
time to reach you. Our volunteer coordinator will be
in touch with you as soon as possible.
How You Can Help

Animal Haven of Asheville depends on the selfless
assistance of volunteers to keep our facility in
operation. The love, compassion and concern for
those helpless animals who have found themselves
at the mercy of those very humans who were
supposed to nurture and protect them and who
were then betrayed, manifests itself in the many
hours donated by our volunteers.

Volunteers perform a variety of tasks and in varying
amounts of time. Depending on circumstances,
volunteers may opt for a scheduled commitment of
hours helping out or they may prefer to provide
service as their schedules permit. In either case,
the hours contributed are sorely needed and are
greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in, or have expertise in any of
the following areas, we need your help:

• Working at our thrift store
• Taking part in special events
• Special fund raising events
• Designing and printing flyers and
• Photographing animals and events to
publicize our activities
• Providing transportation for moving
donated items - thrift store items, hay,
feed, building materials
• Light construction work
• Carpentry
• Electrical
• Painting
• Grant writing
• Working on the farm
• Feeding the animals
Animal Haven of Asheville
65 Lower Grassy Branch Rd
P.O. Box 9697
Asheville, North Carolina 28815
(828) 299-1635