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Where lost and abandoned
animals can find food and shelter
from the cruelties of life.
Let Your Old Stuff Do Good Stuff!
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Animal Haven of Asheville
65 Lower Grassy Branch Rd
PO Box 9697
Asheville, North Carolina 28815
(828) 299-1635

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1500 square feet of treasures!  All proceeds
directly benefit the animals at the sanctuary!  
Shop at the Animal Haven of Asheville Thrift
Shop for all your needs:  furniture, clothing,
shoes, housewares, books, jewelry, electronics,
tools, pet supplies, collectibles, toys, and more.  

Check out our special finds and great prices. All
items are donated by the community and local
businesses.  After shopping, meet the animals
that you are helping to support where every
penny counts towards their care.  The Thrift
Shop is located at the sanctuary, 65 Lower
Grassy Branch Road, and is open Tuesday
through Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm.  

Downsizing?  Spring cleaning?  Donate your
gently used items.  Donations may be dropped
off during open hours or call 828-299-1635 if
you have large items to be picked up. All
donations are tax-deductible.