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Where lost and abandoned
animals can find food and shelter
from the cruelties of life.
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Animal Haven of Asheville
65 Lower Grassy Branch Rd
PO Box 9697
Asheville, North Carolina 28815
(828) 299-1635

Community Outreach Program
School age children are given the opportunity
for hands on experience in animal care and
feeding at the Animal Haven of Asheville farm.
School groups are taught the basics of animal
care and compassion. This includes building
habitats, feeding and caring for the animals.
The importance of animals in everyday life is
highlighted. Perhaps, more importantly, there
is an emphasis on kindness in relating to all
animals which will make for a more
compassionate adult.

Pet Food Assistance
One of the critical problems facing our
community is the number of individuals who
need assistance in feeding their pets. Many
Meals on Wheels recipients were found to be
sharing their own meals with their pets. In the
past year Animal Haven of Asheville has
worked closely with Meals on Wheels to
identify recipients who need pet food to sustain
their pets.

How the Program Works
Animal Haven of Asheville acquires pet food
from the Manna Food Bank Program and other
sources. The pet food is then donated to Meals
on Wheels volunteers who have identified
clients in need of food to feed their pets.

You Can Help....
Your donations to these programs will benefit
the animals in our care and also aid us in
continuing this work.

Please call us at: (828) 299-1635
or Email Us about farm tours
and humane education programs.

Thank you!!!