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Where lost and abandoned
animals can find food and shelter
from the cruelties of life.
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Adopt an Animal
Animal Haven of Asheville
65 Lower Grassy Branch Rd
P.O. Box 9697
Asheville, North Carolina 28815
(828) 299-1635

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I'm 2 years old and have already spent 1/3 of my life in
an animal shelter waiting for a family to realize what an
intelligent, healthy, and vibrant dog I am. I talk like a
Siberian Husky when I get excited. I'm 60 pounds,
wheaten in color, and resemble a Shepherd/Husky type.
I graduated from the New Leash on Life program at
Craggy Correctional Center so I am well versed in basic
commands. I do well with people and other dogs, not so
well with cats. I need a strong person who can walk me
or a fenced yard to stretch my legs. Please visit me at
Animal Haven. Call 828-299-1635.